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WP Engine vs. ZippyKid: Who Should You Go With & Why?

By on 10/06/2015


WordPress (WP) is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used all over the world. It’s easy-to-understand features make it a favorite among other platform. WordPress, when hosted on the Cloud, offers a higher level of performance and more efficient functionalities. On the other hand, managing a WordPress site on your own is not a simple task as it involves numerous factors. However, it is no more a hassle as we now have several Managed WordPress Hosting providers available in the market.

There are many amazing hosting providers out there, but selecting the right one is tricky business. In this post, we are comparing two major managed WordPress hosting providers, namely WP Engine and ZippyKid. This comparison will make it easy for users to choose the best hosting solution for managing their WordPress sites.1

The Two Giants of the Managed WordPress Hosting Industry

Among the many Managed WordPress Hosting providers that are operating in this industry, WP Engine and ZippyKid stand out the most prominently. Both providers provide a wide range of features which others usually do not have. Let’s have a brief look at these two giants of the industry before we move on to the comparison section.

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting providers in the industry. It offers complete site management, rapid speed, scalability and secure deployment. The unique and innovative tools are designed specifically to empower developers and users. With its top quality support, WP Engine is quite popular among WordPress users and its customer base is expanding at a rapid pace with every passing day.


ZippyKid provides solutions for managed WordPress hosting for users who like to use WordPress but find it hectic to manage the scalability and security of the WordPress site. ZippyKid offers different pricing plans as per the needs of the users. It regular checks your WordPress site and its plugins to see if they are up-to-date or not.

WP Engine vs ZippyKid: Which One to Go For?

Most of the users get stuck while choosing between WP Engine and ZippyKid. It becomes extremely difficult for the users as they usually are unaware of the bigger picture. For our users’ convenience, we are presenting a comparison between WP Engine and ZippyKid that would assist users greatly while choosing between the two.

The Comparison

Learning enough about the two providers with the brief introduction, let’s start with the comparison. You can also carry out comparison between different providers by following this link: But here, we present a detailed comparison between WP Engine and ZippyKid.


When talking about the features offered by WP Engine and ZippyKid, both offer some amazing and extremely useful features for WordPress users including automatic backup and updates. But still you must be wondering which provider offers more beneficial features as compared to the other. Let us help you with that.

  • Development Testing Environment

WP Engine beats ZippyKid when it comes to the features. This is because WP Engine offers a development testing environment, but ZippyKid misses out. This environment is termed as “Staging Area” and it allows clients to carry out alterations and modifications on their website without letting anyone to view it. Users, who intend to redesign their website, but not willing to make the changing process visible to the visitors, simply love this feature that is offered by WP Engine.

WP Engine ★★★★★

  • High Security

Another feature where WP Engine outshines ZippyKid is the recovery of the website in an event of a cyber attack without charging anything. The experts at WP Engine fix your website in the best possible time allowing you to enjoy a flawless experience. But there are extremely rare chances of your site getting hacked due to a strong security feature coupled with WP Engine hosting service.

WP Engine ★★★★★

  • Caching

WP Engine offers automatic caching facility for free. It usually requires some additional plugins to carry out this process. WP Engine also includes a content delivery network (CDN) in tiers that are higher than the actual base plan to boost up the website speed even more. ZippyKid along with other providers charge for this–unlike WP Engine that offers this for free. Hence, we can say that WP Engine is better than ZippyKid when it comes to caching. 

WP Engine ★★★★★

  • Speed

The speed of a website has a direct relation with the traffic. It is important for a website to be agile at all times. Talking about the solutions offered by WP Engine and ZippyKid, they both offer lower loading time of your WP website. However, we can say that WP Engine is comparatively better than ZippyKid in terms of speed.

WP Engine ★★★★★

  • Multisite

WordPress multisite feature is offered by both hosting providers. WP Engine offers multisite feature on all packages except for Personal package. In the same way, ZippyKid does not offer multisite feature on the standard ZippyKid plan, but it is available with Enterprise plan.

WP Engine ★★★★★

  • Reliability & Customer Service Support

Under this category, both the managed WordPress hosting providers offer excellent customer service support. They both hold expert teams of professionals who are always willing and ready to resolve all your concerns regarding the WordPress website. Both providers are parallel when it comes to support services.

The professional attitude and quick response from the representatives hold by the two providers clearly show why they are at the top. The customers are facilitated in a friendly and cohesive manner making them understand the solution with all ease and comfort. In our opinion, there is a tie between the two. 

WP Engine ★★★★★ ~ ZippyKid    ★★★★☆

Pricing Plans

Another major factor that a user considers before choosing a managed WordPress is the pricing plan. There is not much difference in the prices of WP Engine and ZippyKid but WP Engine has an edge because of the fact that its services include additional features for free. These features come with a price tag at ZippyKid which makes users think otherwise. 11

Having a look at the pricing plans offered by the two managed WordPress Hosting providers, one would say that the basic plan offered by ZippyKid is cheaper than the one offered by WP Engine. But here lies the real trick: ZippyKid charges an additional $20 for every 100,000 visits when your site crosses the specified limit. This isn’t the case with WP Engine as they would not charge you a single dime for this, unless you need to get your plan upgraded to the next level.

WP Engine ★★★★★


It’s Time To Choose The Best

The above comparison represents very clearly that WP Engine is the best Managed WordPress Hosting Service provider of today’s world. WordPress seems to do be doing everything right. It has a pricing plan which is not only inexpensive, but it leverages functionality. On the contrary, ZippyKid is not half bad either. If your needs are limited, it provides a very affordable solution. If you want to enjoy an amazing WordPress hosting experience, then WP Engine should be the only name that should click in your minds.1

Or, Visit ZippyKid for more details

This is just the comparison of the two giants in the WP hosting industry. But we aim to come up with a detailed comparison of all the major players in the Managed WordPress Hosting domain in the near future. So stay tuned and keep on getting all the informative stuff with Cloudreviews.

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