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SugarSync for Mac: A Must-Have Backup & Storage Tool for MAC Pros

By on 10/06/2015

SugarSync is a Cloud storage application that lets you share and store file across multiple computers, hand held devices, and even online. Similar to Dropbox and 4shared, SugarSync acts as an additional repository besides your existing memory hard drives. However, its compatibility to multiple operating systems is what makes SugarSync a distinct and the most widely used storage solution.

As Mac is considered as a versatile business computing machine, SugarSync for Mac allows users to readily share and store files from their Mac computers. SugarSync for Mac allows users to define the files they want to save online and then through the highly functional console present in the desktop application, it places the data in exceptional cloud environment.

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In addition SugarSync Mac also allows users to synchronize their files across multiple devices, however, it does not show how much time will it take for a file to sync.. Users can use the advanced synchronization ability via the desktop application or through the web application that SugarSync maintains online. SugarSync for Mac also allows users to share their data with multiple users. Not only can Mac users share the data with other Mac users but they can also let users from other devices access the data through public and private compartments on their Cloud storage. [See hereSugarSync’s Android App]

If you want to use SugarSync for Mac, you can also give it a try for free. On a free account subscription SugarSync for Mac provides users with a starting package of 5GB storage capacity, but if you want more you can upgrade your SugarSync Mac account to 30, 60,100, 250 or even 500 GB of storage capacity for a monthly or annual fee.

Attributes of SugarSync for Mac

Even on the free subscription, SugarSync Mac unlocks way many features to users. Some of the Pros of SugarSync for Mac are:


  • A Free (5GB) storage
  • Support with multiple mobile devices and OS (platforms)
  • Accessibility via internet
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Advance share ability
  • Support with all formats of files and folders.

On the downside, there is just one single Con of SugarSync Mac which in the long run is expected to be inhibited by the maintainers.


  • No time indication during file synchronization.

Recent Upgrades

SugarSync for Mac recently upgraded its file storage and sharing process as it allows users to directly store the files and bypass any snooping dialogue boxes. Once SugarSync is installed on a Mac, the user then can right click any file they want to save to the Cloud and from their select the new “Add to SugarSync “option. This makes SugarSync’s file storage and sharing feature easier and quicker than before.

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Benefits of Using SugarSync for Mac

There are many benefits of using SugarSync for Mac. See below our outlook on the advantages of using SugarSync Cloud for safekeeping data.

  • Smart Dashboard ★★★★★

The improved administrative Control dashboard that SugarSync Mac puts at the disposal of users allows them to smoothly manage their Cloud storage. They can easily navigate their files and segregate which are the ones they want to share or not.

  • Efficient Emailing ★★★★☆

The mail synchronization facility that SugarSync Mac provides users via its Microsoft Outlook plug-in literally reduces their workload. Through this feature SugarSync for Mac users can easily send larger files, record their mailing history and apply SugarSync Cloud security on their emailed files.

  • Advanced File Versioning ★★★★☆

The robust file versioning facility that SugarSync Mac offers allows users to attain the peace of mind when their data is shared among multiple users. Through this feature, users can easily check how many revisions have been made on their files and retrieve any previous version if necessary.

  • Proficient Sharing Features ★★★★☆

The proficient share-ability of SugarSync Mac allows users to share up to 5GB of their storage among unlimited users. This can also be achieved by applying public protocols on any folder file or partition. Users can also share their files via twitter, Facebook, blogs etc.

  • Share Big ★★★★☆

If it’s a larger file that you want to send to a user whether from your mobile or from your Mac, you can do that at once through SugarSync Mac large file sharing facility. For better security, recipients would have to enter a security code authorized by the sender, to access the file.

  • Ironclad Security ★★★★☆

High-end security enforcing protocols safeguard data efficiently. Once you upload your cherished or sensitive files on the clouds of SugarSync for Mac, you can be rest assured that your data is in the most safest and impenetrable environment.

  • 24/7 Support & Assistance ★★★☆☆

Round-the-clock support from SugarSync is always at your disposal to assist you at any time of the need. Users can also access knowledge based blogs and tutorials or interact with their support team through any channel.

  • Attractive Pricing ★★★★☆

Pricing that SugarSync Mac has for each of its package is as alluring as its features. There are no hard-coded details or hidden charges just the annual or by monthly fee which is justified by the humongous storage and features that SugarSync Mac has to offer.

Over to you

If you are a Mac user, we believe that now you have the nuts and bolts to take your on-premise storage to the next level. SugarSync for Mac is an absolutely marvelous storage option that every user should have. So what’s there to wait. Try out SugarSync Mac now or get a free experience of its functionality without even spending a dime.1                                                                                    Or, Visit SugarSync Profile HERE

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