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Storage & Backup ZipCloud

By on 11/06/2015

ZipCloud offers one of the cheapest rate, $4.95 monthly for unlimited online backup. JDI backup team; based in US and UK (regional) launches their services in 2011 for more informed computer user, adopting the best features of other leading storage providers they have introduced a highly secured service low rates. ZipCloud incorporates automated backup, file versioning features, dynamic sharing and synchronization facility.

The concept of the JDI backup team, is encapsulated in the name ZipCloud. It gathers your important data, compresses it in order to send it to secured cloud server through heavy encryption to ensure utmost protection. It has provision to be accessed and sync with computer, mackintosh, iPhone, iPad, blackberry or android devices making it a “Cloud for All” service.

ZipCloud offers an easy to navigate desktop application combined with an efficient and nominal design to increase performance, it is quite right when they say ‘set it and forget it’. Unintrusive and User friendly control panel add up another star to ZipCloud’s performance chart.

With unlimited backup storage breaching the norm for end users to decide on valuable data, supplemented with their brilliant technical team and extremely helpful user-guide as good support is something what everyone values a lot, all just for $ 4.95 per month ZipCloud turns out to be great value for the money.

ZipCloud is equally convenient and efficient from the perspective of an individual catering its needs to backup documents, photos, and all media files with any format, as well as for the organization which requires which requires automated sync preferences on multiple computers at different locations.Untitled-2

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