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By on 11/06/2015

MyPCBackup facilitates its customer with effective, secure and considerably easy to use an online storage service. It is perfectly suited for the modern user, delivering robust file synchronization in addition with comprehensive file support allowing clients to securely access their data through a wide range of devices. MyPC Backup allows you to backup your documents, emails, music, videos, and photos automatically.

MyPCBackup provides the one of the best value for money when it comes to online backup service, storing and sharing valuable files. It offers optional synchronization for multiple systems and mobile access with 14 days of trial period as an icing on the cake.

Backing up feature and accessing your data from multiple location is as convenient and efficient as walking in the park through MyPCBackup desktop application. It not just recommends to backup picture albums, valuable documents and desktop folders but also provides you with a file browser to assist you in navigating the content of your physical drives like hard drive, external drive and USB.

The flexible subscription plans are quite attractive allowing you to go for monthly, semi-annual or annual packages.

  • Instant Synchronization with revision detection
  • Provides excellent Authentication service and SSL protection
  • Centralized Management for enhanced reliability and improved privacy
  • Excellent feature of On-Site monitoring for better control
  • 256 bit Encryption support and password protection
  • Provides version retention for seven days along with unlimited retention of deleted filesUntitled-2

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