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ProofHub Project Management Software – Making the Difference…!

By on 10/06/2015


As the organizations are marching on their way to achieve their objectives and improve their efficiency, so is their quest for a better tool for greater control and better organization increasing day by day.

With so many project management systems flooding the market, making the right choice for an organization becomes difficult. It seeks to choose a system that is able to address its unique organizational needs and concerns aptly.

Here comes into picture, an enterprise project management software called ProofHub. It is such a system which focuses on granting better functionality to its users. Moreover it is minimally designed that offers an amazing user experience.1

ProofHub – History and Services

ProofHub was launched in 2010 by SDP Labs. Its prime concern was to streamline the execution of organizational tasks and activities and enable their definition, documentation and review in a transparent and effective manner.


ProofHub offers four different pricing packages at $15, $49, $99 and $149 which allow a manager or an individual to manage 10, 35, 100 and unlimited projects respectively with different storage capacities.

All of the above packages also support the following features; unlimited users, proofing tool, in-browser chat, milestones, and time tracking. All of these are ingrained with a 30-day free trial offer.

No setup fee is charged for their installation and no termination fee needs to be paid for cancelling these. One can easily upgrade to a better plan if required.1

Apart from these, there is one other free pricing option that is being offered.1

ProofHub Features

ProofHub has to its credit some very useful features which help a manager to review and control various organizational tasks and matters with greater focus and objectivity.

  • Discussions: This allows team members and individuals attached with a project to communicate and collaborate over important issues spontaneously and actively. All members participating in a discussion can view each other’s comments at the same place and at same time. This becomes possible due to the centralized structure of this system.
  • Dashboard: It enables a project manager to overview the important tasks and activities that have been performed by various individuals at a particular point of time, making it easy to quantify the tasks which have been completed and which are due.
  • Timesheets: Using these, time spent in accomplishing various activities can be easily gauged and documented. This can be of great help when it comes to forecasting the time requirements of similar tasks. This leads to better planning and time management.
  • Casper Mode: This feature allows project members to hide their real identities through aliases in order to deal with secretive and sensitive issues in an organization for one reason or the other.
  • Customization: ProofHub account of an organization can be customized as per the needs and outlook of an organization. This allows enterprises to implant their own branding and logo into their account and helps them in their brand promotion and facilitates their receptivity amongst their clients and customers.
  • Task lists: These enable proper scheduling and highlighting of various project tasks. Email reminders are sent to the assigned persons who are accountable for tasks with the approaching due dates. This promotes accountability and channelizes workflow. Task lists can be automatically updated when required.1ProofHub Offers Many Advantages For its Users Like:
    • Worldwide connectivity to the projects for team members who might be based in different locations around the globe.
    • Its availability and connectivity from any gadget whether it is a mobile, desktop or laptop.
    • Clear definition, documentation and review of various organizational events, tasks, activities and responsibilities.
    • Better coordination and organization of organizational matters.
    • Effective and accurate communication between team members, managers, sponsors, customers and other stakeholders involved in a project.
    • It is easy to loop in individuals that are external to the project in the project for breakthrough on important project matters through emails.
    • Allowing members to work and respond through emails on important project issues when they are busy in performing various activities.
    • Secures data and protects it from crashes and accidents.
    • Easy transfer of files and resources amongst individuals working on a project.

    ProofHub has been a great support for organizations and managers in the pursuit of their projects and has helped them to work with greater focus and synergy.

    With its some brilliant and useful features, many businesses have managed to reach a new level of success. In a nutshell, we can say that ProofHub has emerged as an essential project management tool for every organization.1

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