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New ProofHub With Improved Look And Enhanced Functionality Launched

By on 10/06/2015


ProofHub, an enterprise project management system, has finally come up with an all new feel and look. The buzz has been all around during the past few days about the revamp of ProofHub which is finally out now.The tool will now be offered to the customers with everything improved in t, be it the functions and services or the design of the user interface. ProofHub promises that its users will surely love their effort.1

What’s NEW in “New ProofHub”?

ProofHub will be providing clean and improvised look with enhanced functionality complimenting the new design of the software. Its designers have drastically improved its design by taking away the clutter. It features a clean and smooth look which will generate a better user friendly experience. Users will be able to better view it. A two-column layout is in place to provide more work space for the users to work with even greater freedom. There are literally so manyimprovements in the new ProofHub that you simply keep on counting them first, before actually experiencing it.1

With new ProofHub, a user will be able to focus better on a task and can perform it more efficiently. Users will be witnessing faster browsing. Screen resolution has been improved significantly. The icons will be putting up a simple look to soothe the viewers. The new design is efficiently supported on iPad and mobile phone.

How It Will Improve the User-Experience?

Its new proofing tool will enable faster review and approval of designs and graphics that have to be developed in limited time frame. This will lead to timely completion of projects involving design development. It will enable proofing of single or multiple pages of a PDF file in one go. Users will be able to submit feedback about designs through text and by drawing shapes. The web-based nature of this tool will allow the designers to create designs for clients who may be located in geographically distant locations.

The same design can be effectively reviewed by multiple reviewers. It is an intuitive tool that works well in a real-time environment. With its aid, rough concepts, story boards, websites, logo designs, wire-frames, flowcharts and comps for brochures can be actively discussed about and feedback arranged over them. Email reminders can be sent out to inform the individuals about design deadlines and other important project information. Its use reduces the need to scrap, rework and repair on the designs. This will save the time and effort of the designers.

Notes will enable a user to collaborate effortlessly with other users over a common interest. They can discuss, share knowledge over important matters and write some great stories, articles. A user will be able to make notes conveniently. It promotes real-time collaboration.

ProofHub On The Go

ProofHub mobile will help a user to connect with a project while on the go. One can connect with a project from anywhere in the world and at any time. A user can access a project directly from a phone browser. An individual will be receiving timely updates about important activities happening in a project through emails.  This will ensure that one never misses any important project information. No apps are required for availing this feature.1

ProofHub mobile works efficiently on any tablet or mobile which features iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. A user will be able to view all the milestones, discussions and to-dos associated with a project. Further, it lets a user to add new comments as well as read old comments. A user can also mark the tasks as complete for easily identifying them later.

In A Nutshell

The major advancement in its look and feel and functionality will increase the users’ trust in this rich application. This technological shakeup is set to enrich user experience and take project management to even greater heights.1

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