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Managed Hosting ZippyKid

By on 11/06/2015

ZippyKid specializes in providing efficient managed WordPress hosting solution to users. Their managed WordPress hosting allows users to pick up Clouds of their own choice from their platform and then excel in their business development. ZippyKid offers competitive pricing and plans to users for its managed WordPress hosting solution with which their concerns regarding WordPress system administrations are nullified. ZippyKid Employs real WordPress techies to manage the hosting environment of its

ZippyKid provides premium managed WordPress hosting facility to users that find it hard to manage their WordPress system administrations on their own. Just because of the ease that “managed” segment of hosting offers to mainstream users, its popularity has flourished and many vendors have come up with the slogan of “Managed” attached to their brands. However, Zippy Kid is one renowned managed WordPress hosting provider that is living up to its reputation for offering robust and proactive managed services to users. ZippyKid has the distinction to provide managed hosting services only dedicated for WordPress Websites. As WordPress is a behemoth among content management systems, once it grows managing its resources, updating it with quality patches and fixes and maintaining its functionality with adequate resources provisioning can become a bit hard for non-techies or individuals who cannot mange time. This is where ZippyKid comes in and excels in Providing Managed Services for WordPress Websites. The cost-effective pricing and plans that ZippyKid offers to its customers are segregated to fit individuals with respective budgets and business needs. A startup can acquire ZippyKid’s initial plan while organizations that have plenty of WordPress websites as their business can acquire the “PRO” subscription and host as many websites as they want. Not only this, each plan of ZippyKid comes with plethora of features each with a distinct role to improve the functionality and feel of your website. Their robust Security and patch/fix management protocols keep your online architecture safe and removes any functional or security loophole from your website. If you want a WordPress website, where you don’t want to be concerned about its extensions, or its backend and security and certainly not when it’s under some problem, then Managed WordPress hosting from ZippyKid can be your way to acquire the exact experience. One of the greatest attribute to add up to the credibility of ZippyKid is their free offering of content delivery network on the subscription of each plan. CDNs are servers dedicated only to improve the performance optimization and speed of your website. ZippyKid facilitates users by providing such pivotal networks for free to users. Apart from their robust support and customer’s services this features clearly tells how generously ZippyKid caters credibility to your WordPress website.Untitled-2

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