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By on 11/06/2015

Established in 1999, Hyve provide a wide range of hosting services aimed specifically at small to medium businesses. Hyve specialize in VMware cloud hosting services backed by superior 24hour UK based support. The Hyve Mission Critical SecureCloud platform guarantees 100% uptime due the use of enterprise-grade networking, hardware and software, coupled with Intrusion Prevention Services and DDOS Mitigation by default. Reliability, scalability, security and performance is of paramount importance

Hyve is a leading UK IT service provider specialising in mission-critical cloud hosting. Established in 1999, Hyve provides the highest quality hosting solutions for valued clients. Hyve’s reputation has been built on the following core elements.

• ‘Extra Mile’ support culture;
• ‘Best of breed’ hosting architecture;
• Impenetrable security;
• Excellent ‘value for money’.

Clients span a wide range of industries from technology and telecommunications to healthcare and financial services. Requirements range from a basic but reliable web presence through to high-traffic, mission-critical systems demanding maximum levels of performance and security.

Hyve guarantees reliability, scalability, flexibility, resilience, security and performance via their SLAs. They take pride in delivering each solution, tailor-made to the client’s specific requirements.

Already the UK’s first enterprise VMware cloud hosting provider, Hyve is also the first hosting provider in the UK to offer intrusion prevention & DDoS defence. The Hyve SecureCloud delivers high performance, reliability and flexibility with enhanced security features to assure the protection of your valuable company data.Untitled-2

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