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Cloud Hosting reviews Verio Cloud

By on 11/06/2015

Verio is a leading IaaS cloud service provider. The cloud hosting service offers flexibility, speed, efficiency, simplicity and reliability to different business companies. It guarantees for 99.99% cloud uptime. The cloud solutions are compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems, major open platforms and useful applications. Verio offers 24 hours available customer service that can be easily contacted through phone and chat.

Verio’s IaaS cloud solutions are ideal for small and medium business enterprises. It is a subsidiary of NTT communications and is integrated with highly scalable and reliable global tier I IP network. Verio offers different Cloud hosting packages for different business organization and e-commerce portals. With different packages, clients can choose CPU capacity, RAM capacity, bandwidth and storage space. It offers reliable, scalable and secure cloud services that can be easily deployed on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Verio offers free inbound and outbound bandwidth with free firewall and load balancers. Verio offers flexibility to consumer with on demand instances, elastic load balancing, and auto-scaling features. Users are flexible to increase disk storage capacity by 40GB, 100GB and 1TB at any instant they need it. Clients can turn servers up and down within minutes. Verio does not charge anything for setting up cloud services.

Verio offers business to business solutions through 120 data centers located at different points across the globe. The cloud provider offers guarantee of 99.99% cloud uptime. Verio offers businesses power to grow without spending much to run their operations. Clients are free to pay on hourly or monthly basis. Its 24 hours available customer support can be contacted through phone and online chat.



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