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Cloud Hosting GoGrid

By on 11/06/2015

GoGrid offers pre-configured cloud services compatible with a wide range of operating systems. GoGrid Cloudservice offers powerful features such as Cloud server, Dedicated server, Load balancer, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Firewall and fast data transfer. GoGrid cloud service fits into requirements of different size companies active in different domains. It offers highly scalable cloud environment providing data storage on demand, bandwidth speed upon request and integration.

GoGrid is a reputed Cloud solution provider committing high cloud uptime, scalability, wide range operating system compatibility and easy to use Cloud environment. GoGrid offers Private cloud hosting, Hybrid cloud hosting, Cloud server, Dedicated server and enormous data storage for big data solutions in cloud. GoGrid Cloud solutions are recognized for great performance, security, adaptability, and reliability.

GoGrid is always expanding its horizon and earned many rewards and recognitions in its short journey. In 2012, Gartner considered GoGrid as an eminent Cloud provider. CRN named GoGrid as one of the 20 coolest Cloud Infrastructure provider. GoGrid launched different cloud applications to meet requirements of different industries. In August 2012, it started a joint venture with IBM to offer Big Data in the cloud.

GoGrid cloud solutions are useful for different online business portals, banking and finance sector, blogging websites, schools, universities and health care industry. Employees of a company can access all the cloud network services and applications on their PC systems. Users get complete control over using GoGrid cloud service and hence bills are affordable. Moreover, client companies can save huge amount of expenses in running their business operations with GoGrid Cloud services.Untitled-1

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